The advantages and disadvantages of Fiberglass filter bag

The advantages and disadvantages of Fiberglass filter bag

What is fiberglass filter bag?

Fiberglass filter bag is a traditional filter material, at the same time it is also the most widely used filter material in high temperature flue gas dust removal.

The advantages of Fiberglass filter bag:

Fiberglass filter bag is a filter material with reasonable structure and good performance , meanwhile , has the advantages of stable size 、minimal expansion rate and high intensity. Furthermore, felt fiber structure is in a single fiber state with  three-dimensional-pore structure which has high porosity. Fiberglass filter cloth can be used for a long time at 260°C which is base on its excellent performance in chemical erode resistant property and heat stability. At 300°C, the shrinkage of the glass fiber is close to zero and it also has good performance in dust stripping property and low energy for ash removal. Compare to other chemical fiber filter cloth, fiberglass filter cloth is appropriate used for rotary blowback bag filter.

The disadvantages of Fiberglass filter bag:

(1)Running resistance is higher than the general chemical fiber filter cloth of high temperature.

(2)Poor wrinkle resistance which is seriously affect its lifespan.


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