Stable Supplier

Envirofiltech cooperates with China best filtration products manufacturers in China, who supply best quality filtration products and with best prices. We supply the products you are looking for according to your requirements.

Our Products

Our products is our advantage, products now cover dust collector filter cages, filter bags, filter media, filer accessories and dust collector accessories that not only supply to bag filter industry but all the industries who need the air and water pollution products in the chemical industry, power industry, food industry, paper and woodworking industry, asphalt industry…ect.

Our Attitude

Creativity is the prime mover of Envirofiltech’s corporate life. Envirofiltech has rigorously enlisted highly creative technical staff and has formed its unique complex of technological advantages. This has enabled Envirofiltech to move constantly ahead on its road of scientific progress. We know the new technologies is important in this industry, we bring you the newest products with newest technologies. Envirofiltech brings you the products suit your needs and bring you best results and profits.