How to choose a dust filter bags

Bag filter bag is a key part of the process of running, bag fabric and design should be the pursuit of high efficiency filter, easy-to-dust stripping and durable effect. In pulsed gas box pulse dust collector, dust is attached to the outer surface of the filter bag. Dusty gas passes through the dust collector, bag inside cage to support the filter bag to prevent bag collapse, dust in the dust bag is an important accessory, we’ll look at mine conditions for your filter and the station for analysis for you to choose the most suitable and the best bag. Baghouse dust is generally based on the nature of the different options of dust and gas, dust precipitator cleaning method and the nature of the bag 1) the gas temperature. Gas temperature is lower than room temperature, in addition to 130 ℃ selection 2) dust wetting and adhesion. If dust is hygroscopic and strong adhesion, dust bag, at a temperature between 130 ℃ -260 ℃ high temperature dust bag choice. 3) gas humidity. Dusty gas in relative humidity divided into three states: dry gas (relative humidity of 30% or less), the general state of (relative humidity between 30% -80%) and high humidity gas (relative humidity above 80%). When the gas humidity should choose another job coated waterproof bag. 4) the chemical nature of the gas. In various furnace flue gas and chemical gas, often contain chemicals acids, bases, oxidants, organic solvents. Where the bag should be chosen to be a reasonable choice according to the acid contained in the flue gas chemical composition, alkali-resistant, anti-oxidation of the dust bag. Second, according to the choice of the nature of the dust dust bag on the choice of waterproofing membrane filter media dust bag. 1) combustible dust and chargeability. Some dust is flammable then you should choose flame-retardant properties of dust bag. Anti-static dust bag designed to have charge of the dust. Third, according to the precipitator dust bag cleaning mode selection. 2) mechanical vibration bag filter class. Asked to select the filter thin and smooth, soft, dust bag in favor of passing the shock wave. 3) cleaning bag filter class. You should choose soft, structural stability, good wear resistance bag 4) pulse jet bag filter. Usually round with frames outside the filter bag.

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